“Whale Fire”, as designers a company name like that gets the creative juices flowing immediately, and of course one of the first ideas that came bubbling to the surface was to combine a flame in the form of the whale’s tail with the body of the whale. We then decided to colour coordinate the two sections of the whale icon with the company name, blue for the whale body and the word “Whale” and then red for the flame/tail and the word “Fire”. We then came up with the strap line “Extinguish the Risk” and the new Whale Fire logo was born. The final logo needed to be clean and bold as it was to be used across a range of collateral including stickers on fire extinguishers.

Now we had a core brand in place we moved on to producing the company’s new introductory video for use on the new website. To portray Whale Fire as the corporate fire safety company they are we sourced a great shooting location inside London’s famous 30 St Mary Axe building, better known as the “Gherkin”. Starring Richard Whale himself the shoot was a great success and the video is now welcoming prospective clients to

We now had everything we needed to produce the new fully responsive corporate website that was required. Our brief was to deliver an uncluttered, clean website that directed clients to key services within a single click. We achieved this with clear graphical call to actions, introductory video and bold headlines. We now look forward to working with Whale Fire as they continue to grow and evolve.

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