Live-action video

Live-action is the process of filming actors and objects on set, at locations, or green-screen stages.

We handle the whole process writing the script, hiring actors, hair and makeup, directing the shoot, and post-production to create beautiful videos.

Services include

  • Script writing
  • Location scouting
  • Actor and voiceover hire
  • Professional hair and make-up hire
  • Shoot direction
  • Motion graphics
  • Video post-production
Product teaser for Veitis to be shown at exhibitions and trade shows
Customer testimonials video for the annual Alpine Rail Optimisation conference
Product explainer video for Cognition a loan management platform by Redline

Professional photography

Elevate your brand, products or services with high-quality, professional photography.

We handle the whole process from preparing studio space to equipment setup and taking the photos.

Services include

  • High-resolution photos in .jpg format
  • Location scouting
  • Studio, equipment and lighting setup
  • Shoot directon
  • Image post-production and optimisation


Product photography for retailer, Pages Schoolwear
Live-action photography for medical services provider, Falck UK Ambulance Services
Lifestyle product photography for a luxury lingerie retailer, Bottega Nera