We have worked with Move Revolution Estate Agents on several projects to produce high-quality marketing materials for new developments. Our expertise of combining CGI, real life video of staged rooms in our production studio and at developers previous builds enables us to offer a very unique property marketing package without the need for expensive show homes.

With this type of project it is important that our team manage every aspect while working with the estate agent and the developer, sourcing furniture, actors and locations. The final result is a stunning set of collateral, responsive website and impressive video. Check out the marketing video further down this page, the intro is pretty cool utilising aerial video footage of the empty construction site and as our drone flies over we integrate CGI of the new properties into the scene. All this before breaking ground, it brings a whole new perspective to selling off plan!

Treetops brochure
Treetops brochure foil block logo detail
Studio photography for video, brochure and website
CGI still from promotional video
Treetops brochure floor plan details
Treetops brochure floor plan details
Treetops website on mobile and tablet
Treetops website on desktop

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