When Jay at Skilled Plumbing first came to see us he had a small website that simply was not performing or portraying the company image that he had worked so hard to build. We started by carrying out an SEO report to determine where Skilled Plumbing were positioned in the search engine rankings and what needed to be implemented to start competing. Once we had this information we could devise the best plan of attack when building the new website.

We took the strong colour scheme from their pre-existing logo and carried this branding through the design phase of the project right through to the finished article. To say there are a lot of websites offering trades like plumbing, electrical or carpentry etc would be a vast understatement, but from our experience the vast majority tend to use off the shelf templated websites. The problem with that is your brand goes missing, so the bespoke nature of a design like what we have created for Skilled Plumbing will set them apart from the competition.

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