One-Shot are one of our favourite clients, simply because they are always looking to push the boundaries with each and every project. We set to work on piecing together a team of highly skilled creatives that we knew could get the job done. Directed by our own Sam Madrell the team included; Cameraman, Autocue operator and 2 One-Shot presenters Adam Njenga & Greg Canestrari.

Shot on location at our Maidstone studio we utilised our white screen studio and the entire process was completed in just one day. By far the biggest challenge was shooting ice cream under the studio lights, with the rate at which it was melting our cameraman had to be up to the challenge to capture the great shots you see in the final edit.

We wanted to achieve stunning shots of the ice cream dispenser itself so we came up with the idea of spinning it on a huge 2 meter wide white perspex disc using a motorised turntable. The effect was exactly what we had hoped for and with some magic in post production you would be forgiven for thinking it was achieved using cgi!

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