This is by far one of the most complex and exciting challenges we have ever faced. At the grass roots level Football clubs either had:

  • no website at all,
  • a free website full of adverts,
  • or a DIY version

The strategy was to make the product a low cost paid-for service, so that websites could be kept advert free. We knew we had the skills to help, so we set about creating a fantastically intricate website product, as well as providing MyClubPro with their own website to market the service and take online orders for new club websites while handling the setup. We decided to host the club websites themselves on a scalable VPS server and the system we devised means that we only have to roll out one set of website code and all clubs instantly receive any new features, pretty cool huh?

Thanks to our SEO campaign MyClubPro has grown at a rapid rate, ranking on page one of Google for the phrase "Club Website". Each season the product is updated to include new features ensuring clubs have all the tools they need for their players and supporters.

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