Adam had previously built his own website, but it was simply not performing. We discovered that as far as the search engines were concerned, the website had no authority at all. While Adam is a sought after expert in his field, no-one was coming across his site.

Our solution had two parts:

  • Redesign and redevelop the website so that it was responsive, and technically sound
  • Start an SEO campaign to improve ranking in search engines

Legal websites by their nature tend to have a lot of text. With the redesign we were careful to structure the text. We broke it down into manageable chunks so it was easy to scan. We also made some shrewd choices, such as not using web fonts to ensure the website was as fast as possible.

At launch we tested the site speed and it was more than 20% faster than his nearest competitor.

Blue House Design know what they’re doing. I was concerned that the project would take too long, but after the useful initial meeting I was happy about the timescales.

Adam Clegg, Barrister

Illustration of My Barrister Direct viewd on mobile and tablet devices
Screenshot of My Barrister Direct website home page

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