Optimised Text for The Web

Optimised text can be the difference between success and failure. Of course it’s important to have a great looking website, but it’s the text, or copy, that sells your product or service.

Poorly written or sparse content will not portray the professional image you are trying to achieve. In recent years Google have vastly changed the methods they use to determine how your site should rank in their search results. So not only is the quality of text imperative, it must be optimised to target the specific key phrases you would like to be found for on Google.

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Avoid The Hold Ups

Writing content is time consuming and often gets put off, but this can all be avoided by using one of our professional copywriters.

While our designers are working their magic on the aesthetics, you can be safe in the knowledge your copy is being worked on in tandem, so that your project can be delivered on schedule.

Our Process, Interview To Delivery

Our copywriters are hand-picked local freelancers with a passion for the written word.

The process will always begin with an interview, it can be face to face or over the telephone, but this is the key stage for them to understand your business and what you would like to achieve. They will consider writing style, target audience, whether the text is for online or offline – such as a brochure.

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