Logo or Brand?

First impressions are everything and books are definitely judged by their covers. What is the difference between your logo and your brand?

Your logo is a visual representation of your business; a quick how-do-you-do introduction for those new to your company.

A brand on the other hand encompasses every interaction with your business be it online, offline, product or service. Think of it as your company’s personality.

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Finding a graphic design company that ‘understands’ your brand and what you want to achieve is rare. Finding one that sticks to the brief and is easy to communicate with, is even rarer. The team at Blue House Design fall into these categories. From concept to completion, Blue House Design have provided Simms with exceptional design work ahead of schedule – every time. They are not about having offices filled up with awards, but providing the highest standards of work, excellent customer service and experienced skilled professionals in their field. I would unequivocally recommend Blue House Design every time.

Graham Hutchins, Marketing Manager – Simms

Our Process

Whether you would like to develop a new brand, or evolve an existing one, the process always starts with an initial "getting to know your business" meeting.

You’ll sit down with our design team for a brainstorming session; we’ll then enter the research and conceptualisation phase after which we’ll invite you back for a branding workshop.

This is the stage at which we will present our vision and concepts, with your input the brand identity will begin to take shape.

Brand Identity

In larger organisations it can be difficult to ensure that your brand is translated across all materials.

The best way to achieve this is by having a set of brand guidelines to follow. This would be delivered in the form of a "Corporate Identity Manual" sometimes known as a "Brand Book".

This document includes guides on how logotypes, colours and typography should be used, and can also include a whole lot more depending on your company requirements.

Logo Design Only

Your logo should accurately reflect the personality of your brand, which is why we always begin by getting to know your organisation and where you are positioned in your business sector.

Only then can we begin design conceptualisation and with your input at every stage of the process you can be assured that the final design will meet and surpass your expectations.

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