Est. 2008

Established in 2008 our core ethos of bespoke affordable design for every client is what we believe we can attribute our success, values that still hold true to this day. All too often we would come across “off the shelf” or “build your own” websites that simply did not portray the clients brand to the detriment of their online image.

No Substitute

We believe there is no substitute for a designer that gets to know you and your business first hand enabling us to work as part of your company. We prefer to develop an ongoing relationship rather than one off projects.

Full Service

As the years have progressed, so have the services we offer and we have put together an amazing team of passionate people to deliver them. With Blue House you are safe in the knowledge that everything is looked after in one place.

Welcome Home

In November 2012 we moved into our new home in Maidstone’s busy town centre and in true Blue House style we gave the interior more than a splash of our branding. So what are you waiting for… come and pay us a visit.

Jason Batt

Creative Director

The founder of Blue House back in 2008, when it comes to design Jason has over 14 years experience in the industry. Very much a hands on Director, his involvement extends across all Blue House projects. Before starting the company Jason worked as head of design for a well-known Apple software development company with now business partner Brian Stroud. They took the plunge into business ownership at a time when the UK was hit by the worst recession in decades, a very risky decision to leave behind stable jobs but one that thankfully paid off.

If not in the office, chances are you will find him on the Football pitch, on the Golf course or in the Gym, did we mention he likes sport?!

Brian Stroud

Technical Director

When it comes to computers whether it be hardware or software Brian is a ‘Jack of all trades’ and a master of them all! With a working history in software development, networking and computer repair he is a walking encyclopaedia of IT knowledge. Having Brian on board ensures our infrastructure is the very best it can be and our clients can rest assured we have a technical expert on hand for any issues they may encounter.

At weekends if he’s not whizzing around the race track on his motorbike, you’ll probably find him clay pigeon shooting (he’s a great shot).

Stewart Clifton

Web Designer

Stewart’s passion for design and drive to stay one step ahead of technology in an ever changing industry are what make him a very talented web designer. A HTML assassin & CSS code ninja (his words) he works on every web project that comes through the door. Stewart joined us in 2012 as a junior designer but outgrew that title in a matter of months.

A self-proclaimed tea addict, when not waiting for the kettle to boil he likes to spend his time either with his nose in a book/comic, playing football or glued to the cinema screen.

Sam Madrell

Video Director

What Sam does not know about Video Production is simply not worth knowing. With over 10 years industry experience, an international film festival award and over 150 videos under his belt, we definitely have the right man for the job. His Italian roots show through in his passion for every new video we take on, Sam’s directing style will make you feel in control while safe in the knowledge he has all angles covered.

Other than video Sam is a keen runner and enthusiastic cyclist, well when he’s not off serving in the Territorial Army that is!

Alex Blackman

Web Designer

Alex is the most recent recruit to Blue House, joining in 2016 after switching careers from a marketing and support role to become a web designer. Alex has a broad skillset beyond design having taught Taekwon-Do for two years, and has a degree in Fine Art. With design Alex has particular interest in typography, grid systems and writing maintainable code.

A passionate fan of cricket and rugby, Alex still enjoys training at his local Taekwon-Do club where he is a second degree blackbelt - don't mess!

Nathan Tarrant

Digital Marketing Manager

Nathan has worked within marketing, digital marketing and SEO since 1998, in the days of Excite, Lycos and Yahoo, long before Google even existed. A large portion of his time has been consulting business owners, and SME's, coaching and training in various aspects of marketing and online growth strategies, to help them increase their brand awareness, market share and of course profit. He has worked with small local businesses right up to Fortune 500 companies around the world. He’s also the former head of digital marketing for a leading, award winning international marketing agency. A qualified Google Partner, he brings a vast array of marketing experience and knowledge to the team.

A massive Liverpool FC fan, as well as the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots (he used to live in Boston a number of years ago) with weakness for cheese, good steak and a quality beer, he has been known to BBQ at any time of the year, including a harsh winters night, if it means enjoying a flame grilled rib eye steak.

Ryan Clarke

Web Developer

Ryan has a broad range of web knowledge, over the last 16 years he started off as a web designer and then honed his skills to be a web developer. A level head and rational approach to problem solving. Technically competent and industry aware means that each project is undertaken with the most up-to-date and relevant programming foundations available.

When he is not glued to his computer he enjoys spending time with his new family and trying his luck with DIY.

Mark Anderson

Web Developer

When projects get technical Mark has the solution, with over 17 years in the industry there is not much he hasn’t worked on. His impressive list of previous employers includes the Ministry of Defence and UPS Worldwide Logistics. A database expert in Sql Server, Oracle and Access with a vast array of development skills including VB.Net, Asp.Net, C#, AJAX and JavaScript but to name a few.

When he’s not knee deep in algorithms Mark is a huge Rugby and Rowing fan, but not at the same time!

Andrew Clark


Andrew is the man that keeps the office running like clockwork, without him the wheels would undoubtedly fall off! He has been with us since day one and joined straight out of college. A man of many talents he juggles his administrative role at Blue House with his role in our sister company as a qualified Apple Engineer.

When we let him out of the office his interests include running, retro video games, movies and a vast array of music genres. In his own words “I’m a solid 7 out of 10”, we are still not sure what he is referring to…

Lynn Bennett


Lynn has been with Blue House since the very beginning back in 2008. A consummate professional that knows the business inside out, leaving us safe in the knowledge that our accounts are always in safe hands. She is a huge Football fan supporting Chelsea (don’t hold it against her), and when she’s not balancing the books you’ll likely find her on the golf course.


Motivational Officer

Brody joined Blue House back in 2012 at only eight weeks old. After just one day in the office he had chewed through three Ethernet cables causing an internet outage and made two deposits in the video production studio. A shaky start no doubt but with some intensive training he soon settled into his role of chief motivational officer. Brody is half Springer Spaniel and half Border Collie which apparently makes him a ‘Sprollie’.

In his spare time he likes to chase anything spherical in shape and enjoys the occasional lake swim. If you need motivating during your next meeting with us, he can be included upon request.